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Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding. 

Jeremiah 3:15 NIV

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Apostle Kendra Carr-Pineda is a native of Florida and considered a change agent for the Kingdom of God in this hour. She is the wife of Apostle Benedicto Pineda, mother of four and grandmother of two. She is known for many things, but two of the most popular is Singing and Preaching the Word of the Lord.

• 1999 she was awarded the Best Female Gospel Artist by a local radio station WRNE 980 in Pensacola, FL

• 2000 she moved from Florida, resided in Tennessee and California for a total of 15 years pursuing music and ministry.

• 2009 Self-entitled project “Unexpected Judah” & in 2010, she was awarded best female artist by the Music City Gospel Awards in Nashville, Tennessee

Apostle Kendra recorded several compilation albums, a professional background vocalist, a Minister of Music, Licensed Evangelist, Ordained Elder, Executive Administrator, and Pastoral Executive. She has been featured on various Gospel Projects including Dove Award-Winning Praise in His Presence, Dove Award and Stellar Award Nominated Shout in The Spirit, Bishop Walker Presents Judah Generation, Self-entitled project Unexpected Judah.


Presently, Indie Blu Music Artist of the E-one Gospel Family with her two newest singles entitled “MORE” and “WATCH HIM DO IT”. She's been featured on various Gospel Projects including Dove Award Winning singles, Dove Award and Stellar Award Nominated. Recorded several compilation albums, a professional background vocalist. In 2014.

God redirected and paused her music career and required she relocate back to Pensacola Fl.

 After she obeyed God, Prayer Gatherings and Prayer Revivals occurred throughout the city led by her ministry.

October 2016, while on Music Mission trip in Italy the spirit of the Lord met her there. She was given the option to choose life or death for His will to be done. December 2016, the public announcement that she would begin Pastoring in Pensacola, FL.

Apostle Kendra has been preaching the gospel for the past 13 years with gifting in the areas of the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance. In 2018, she was Affirmed an Apostle of The Lord’s Church. There are countless testimonies and witnesses of results that Lord has spoken through her. Ordained by the God and secular educated. Apostle Kendra currently holds a B.A. in Christian Education and Master of Divinity and a Ph.D. of Theology. She is the founder of ...

*Kendra Carr- Pineda Ministries (music & itinerant engagements)

*Kingdom Global Network (covering for five-fold gifts functioning uncovered)

*The Bridge (connecting those who have disconnected from God or the church)

*Pastoral Support Network (mental and emotional resuscitation and rejuvenation for Pastors only) 

*African American Clergy Alliance of North West Florida (engaging local Pastors in unity for the community & parishioners).

Apostle Kendra is full of life and ingenuity, genuinely love people and passionate that anyone can be who God has designed them to be, if only you fight for it!!

She is unapologetically, the Senior Pastor of Redemption Faith Global Ministries

locations in, Pensacola, Florida, Mobile, Alabama & New Orleans, Louisianna.

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